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Why women handle market corrections better than men

Posted by Robin Powell on September 10, 2015

Plenty of progress has been made over recent decades on sexual equality in the workplace, but there is one sector of the economy that stands out as the last great bastion of male domination. It’s the investing industry.

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CNBC? Investors are better off watching Comedy Central

Posted by Robin Powell on September 9, 2015

When people started calling my former employer Sensible Investing TV “the anti-CNBC”, we wore it as a badge of honour. It’s not that CNBC is bad. On the contrary, it’s well produced and presented very professionally. The problem for me is that, other than entertainment, I fail to see any useful purpose that CNBC and […]

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A fund is a fund, not a fashion accessory

Posted by Robin Powell on September 8, 2015

I always thought I wouldn’t, but I’m afraid I’ve become one of those tedious parents who lecture their children on the folly of paying for designer clothes. There are times I seem to be making progress. My son even agreed recently to wear a jacket his mum bought from the supermarket as long as she […]

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In choosing party leaders it pays to take a long-term view

Posted by Robin Powell on September 7, 2015

I promise not to stray too often in this blog into that most divisive of subjects, party politics. But there seems to me to be a striking parallel between current political developments in the UK, US and elsewhere and something that happens time and again in the financial markets.

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