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We don’t like losing. Ask any sports fan

Posted by Robin Powell on September 3, 2018

We all like to get away from work at weekends, but some of us have funny ways of doing it. Me, I’m a sports fan. Barring Formula 1 or horse racing, I’ll watch pretty much anything. But my particular passions are Aston Villa Football Club and the England cricket team. The drawback with my sports […]

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Six findings about investment consultants from academic research

Posted by Robin Powell on August 30, 2018

After a big response to yesterday’s post on investment consultants, I thought that I would share some of the academic findings I quoted in a presentation format. Just to clarify, I’m not against pension funds and charitable trusts using consultants. There are important ways in which consultants add value — particularly with behavioural coaching. The […]

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Do investment consultants add value or subtract it?

Posted by helen.brown on August 29, 2018

Investment consultancy is big business. In the UK alone, the institutional advice sector advises pension funds, insurers and charities on how at least £1.6 trillion of assets is invested. It’s also very lucrative, particularly for the “big three” firms — Mercer, Willis Towers Watson and Aon — that dominate the sector. But how much value do investment […]

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Invoking Adam Smith to justify active management really is scraping the barrel

Posted by Robin Powell on August 24, 2018

I used to be mildly amused by the myths emanating from the fund industry about the “dangers” of index funds. This is after all, the same industry that, in the run-up to the financial crisis, peddled products so lethal that the effects of their spectacular blow-up ten years ago are still being felt around the […]

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