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Why it’s even harder for active investors to stay the course

Posted by Robin Powell on August 7, 2018

Those fund house marketers aren’t stupid. They know how to push just the right buttons at just the right time. And here’s a classic, and currently common, example: “Markets are at or near all-time highs. We’re due a correction, perhaps even a crash, before very long. What you need now is a money manager with […]

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Peter Westaway: Why all investors should prepare for lower returns (2/2)

Posted by Robin Powell on August 4, 2018

We’ve had a big response to Part 1 of our interview with Vanguard Europe’s chief economist, Peter Westaway. In Part 2, Peter explains why he’s sceptical about the value of tactical asset allocation, why calling a top in the market is so difficult, and why, in his view, all investors can expect to receive lower […]

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One-sided compensation has to end, warns Oxford professor

Posted by Robin Powell on August 1, 2018

You know you’re getting on in years when even Oxford professors are considerably younger than you are. The particular professor I’m thinking of is the financial economist Ludovic Phalippou. I expect we’ll be hearing plenty more about him in the years to come. Prof Phalippou contacted me a few months ago to compliment me on […]

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Peter Westaway: A PhD in economics won’t make you a better investor (1/2)

Posted by Robin Powell on July 30, 2018

Dr PETER WESTAWAY is chief economist and head of investment strategy for Vanguard Asset Management in Europe. He was previously chief economist for Nomura International and a senior official at the Bank of England. He has a PhD in economics and an MPhil in control engineering and operational research from the University of Cambridge, and […]

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