Robin’s Reads, Week 03, 2020

Posted by Robin Powell on January 17, 2020

Robin’s Reads, Week 03, 2020


Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Robin’s Reads. Please forgive me for starting, just for once, with some blatant self-promotion. This week we released the first part in a new, five-part video series called Conquer Your Fear of the Stock Market. The series has been produced for the Cheltenham-based financial planning firm RockWealth by Regis Media.

The stock market bull run may end next week, or it may last for another ten years. Nobody knows. But as we’ve seen again and again over the last ten years, worrying about when the next bear market will arrive, or trying to predict it, is likely to be counter-productive.

The aim of this series is to encourage investors to take a more rational view of the markets, to address their fear of crashes and corrections, and to focus on what they can control rather than what they can’t. Please watch it and, most important of all, please share it.

Here’s Part 1. We’ll release the remaining parts over the next four weeks, followed by the full-length film.




It’s not about being right or wrong about the markets, but whether you follow the right process (Nick Maggiulli)

The more your wealth grows, the more critical diversification and rebalancing become (Mike Zaccardi)

How investing and the advice profession have changed in three decades (Dimensional Fund Advisors)

Why even DIY investors should seek advice occasionally (John Woerth)

The biggest risks are the ones you don’t see coming (Morgan Housel)


Personal finance

How technology will change the way we retire (Carolyn Gowen)

Taking a close look at FIRE at a pop-up business school workshop (Alys Key)

What are the wider implications of a cashless society? (Dumbfunded)

Yes, interest rates are lousy, but it’s still important to have some ready cash (Jason Butler)

More and more old people are turning to part-time work (Neale Godfrey)

The 52-Week Saving Challenge: What is it? And is it worth attempting? (Iona Bain)


The fund industry

Indexing isn’t too big, but asset managers might be (John Rekenthaler)

Yes, it democratised investing, but has Vanguard become TOO successful? (Robin Wigglesworth & Richard Henderson)

Larry Fink: Why climate change will transform asset management (Rupert Steiner)

What is the value that fund managers are selling? (Patrick Cairns)


The advice profession

Is your firm prepared for the future? (Brett Davidson)

What do clients need to know about the value of advice? (Samantha Lamas)

You can’t provide effective advice until you know what the client wants (Joachim Klement)

A controversial take on whether firms should publish fees on their websites (Paul Armson)


Advisers, we’ve had a big response to our offer of a free eGuide on evidence-based investing. It’s 27 pages long, beautifully illustrated, and it’s specifically aimed at clients and prospects of financial planning firms.

We’re happy to offer it to you free of charge, to use as you wish, although the copyright would remains ours. There’s no obligation at all, but we can also produce a branded version for £200 + VAT for advisers in the UK. Prices for advisers overseas are available on request.

If you would like to see the eGuide, just send a message via the contact page on the Regis Media website and we’ll send you one.

The offer ends on 31st January.


Content marketing

What’s the real difference between marketing and branding? (Mark Schaefer)

First Direct is the latest brand to focus on financial wellbeing (Ellen Hammett) 

What’s the best strategy for scheduling and distributing your content? (Kelsey Raymond)



The 2010s were the warmest decade on record (Matt McGrath)

Labour leadership hopeful calls for a UK citizens’ assembly on tackling climate change (Heather Stewart)

The educational benefits of clean air (Matthew Yglesias)

UK supermarket chain ASDA is trialling a “sustainability” store in Leeds (Rebecca Smithers)



Britain’s NHS needs more than 68,000 men to start donating blood this year (BBC News)

How can reading groups tackle loneliness? (What Works Wellbeing)

Brain scans show the importance of reading at an early age (Sandee LaMotte)

Should children be banned from heading footballs? (BBC News)



Robin Powell

Robin is a journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing. He runs Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms with an evidence-based investment philosophy. He also works as a consultant to other disruptive firms in the investing sector.


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