Robin’s Reads, Week 11, 2020

Posted by TEBI on March 28, 2020

Robin’s Reads, Week 11, 2020




Recent market falls

Even for the most disciplined investors, this has been tough (James Stewart) 

A market lesson in a time of crisis (Patrick Cairns)

Some perspective on the recent market falls (Garrett Quigley)

Resist the itch for action in market turmoil (Brendan Mullooly) 

The world has come through much sterner tests before (Ben Carlson)

“Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight” (RockWealth)

27 things investors can usefully do now (Jonathan Clements) 

Invest carefully, but more importantly, stay safe (Tim Richards) 



Does indexing really get you average returns? (Larry Swedroe) 

Active fund outperformance comes and goes very quickly (Murray Coleman) 

Why index funds are best for all market conditions (Mark Northway) 

This is a great opportunity to teach your children about the stock market (Will Rainey)


Personal finance

The coronavirus scams to watch out for (Stephen Little)

What you need to know about claiming expenses for working from home (Ruth Jackson-Kirby) 

How does the recession affect the FIRE movement? (Tanja Hester) 


The advice profession

This is the profession’s chance to demonstrate its value (Will Robins) 

Are some regulations doing more harm than good to investors? (Carolyn Gowen) 

The value of having an adviser in times like these (Dave Butler)

How can advisers help their clients through potentially traumatic times? (Meghaan Lurtz) 

What should wealth management firms be doing with their tech budgets? (Doug Fritz)


Content marketing

How can businesses use video to reassure customers and employees? (Ember Television)

Factually accurate content is needed more than ever (Ann Gynn) 

How to replace a cancelled event with a virtual one (Robyn Showers) 

Adapting your social platforms to the current situation (Henk Campher) 



The story told by satellite images about emissions under lockdown (Iman Ghosh)

What is the coronavirus crisis teaching us about living sustainably? (John Schwartz)

2019 was one of the strongest years on record for wind power (Jillian Ambrose) 

Volunteers called on to help digitise the UK’s rainfall records (Jonathan Amos) 



WHO launches a megatrial for the four most promising COVID-19 treatments (Kai Kupferschmit, Jon Cohen) 

What’s the best way of navigating the remote workplace? (Alison Green) 

How to adapt to the “new normal” of self-isolation (Mark Schaefer) 

How to avoid a coronavirus anxiety spiral (Louise Matsakis) 


And finally, a thought for the weekend..



And a funny video.. The lockdown has spawned so many contenders, but this is my favourite so far:



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