Robin’s Reads, Week 45, 2019

Posted by Robin Powell on November 8, 2019

Robin’s Reads, Week 45, 2019

Week 45.




It’s highly unlikely you’ll beat the market with a portfolio of active funds

(Josh Brown)


Not all stock market losses are created equal (Ben Carlson) 

Make sure you aren’t taking on more risk than you can actually afford (Joachim Klement)

Just because an asset seems low risk that doesn’t mean it is (Joe Wiggins)

Whatever happened to the bond bubble that was supposed to burst? (Monevator) 

We tend to forget that investors don’t buy or sell all their assets all at once (Nick Maggiulli) 

Eight ways the Canadian investing industry tries to rip you off (Ken Kivenko)

What is the impact of M&A activity on the relative performance of growth and value? (Murray Coleman) 


Have you watched Gene Fama’s latest interview? You must:

Gene Fama on the failure of active management, the value premium going AWOL and more



What is “mental accounting”, and how can it help us to make better financial decisions? (Sarah Newcomb)

Eight spending tips that can bolster happiness and life satisfaction (Kevin Dickinson)

There’s no objective level of wealth because people compare themselves to other people’s (Morgan Housel)

Those who fail to learn from their money mistakes are doomed to repeat them (Jason Butler)

Do we need financial education or better consumer protection? (Dennis Friedman)



What is it that gives Dimensional the edge over its rivals? (Sam Instone) 

How seriously do ESG fund providers take ESG themselves? (EBI Portfolios) 

Despite what it says the industry’s still looking out for its own profits and interests (Michael Kay) 

What do America’s RIAs have in common with Schrõdinger’s Cat? (Michael Thrasher) 

Could Ken Fisher’s attempts at damage control make things even worse? (Janet Levaux) 

An eye-opening series of articles sharing the stories of women in finance (Sonya Dreizler) 



Rogue firms are giving the UK advice profession a bad name (Dennis Hall) 

Is your niche working for you? Five warning signs to look out for (Patrick Brewer) 

It’s more important than ever for advisers to define their brands (Amy Parvaneh) 

There’s a lot that advisers can learn from their clients (Carolyn Gowen) 

For broaching sensitive issues with clients advisers should prioritise soft skills (Marlene Outrim) 

Opt-in text messages: a surprising adviser marketing solution (Hendrik de Vries) 



Mark Schaefer

What can it do for your brand to write a book?

(Mark Schaefer)


What finance marketers can learn from online communities (Emily Gaudette) 

How Movember used social media to become a global movement (Sean Cole) 

What is the real value of thought leadership? (John Hall) 



More than 11,000 scientists have declared a “climate emergency” (Miyo McGinn)

56% of voters back the total decarbonisation of the UK economy by 2030 (Matthew Taylor)

Italy will be the first country to make sustainability education compulsory in state schools (Kate Hodal)

An experimental “artificial leaf” mimics photosynthesis to make fuel from carbon dioxide (Phoebe Weston)



11 ways to create a less stressful and more engaging workplace

(Natalia Peart) 


Four ways to curb your tendency to “overwork” (Mike Monroe) 

How sleep works to give the brain a “deep clean” (Simon Makin) 

Why time spent by water is good for your mental health (Elle Hunt) 

The role of podcasts in working through difficulty and mental illness (Dan Bates) 


There will be no Robin’s Reads next week as I’m in Dubai to launch an Emirates version of The Evidence-Based Investor. Normal service resumes in Week 47.



Robin Powell

Robin is a journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing. He runs Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms with an evidence-based investment philosophy. He also works as a consultant to other disruptive firms in the investing sector.


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