Robin’s Reads, Week 50, 2019

Posted by Robin Powell on December 13, 2019

Robin’s Reads, Week 50, 2019

Week 50





Even the most successful active funds are very hard to stick with (Andrew Hallam) 

How to make sure you own the next Netflix (Yariv Haim and Alistair Meadows) 

“Familiarity breeds investment”: why home bias is a global problem (Larry Swedroe) 

Even the most successful investing journeys are never smooth (Joachim Klement) 

“Escalating commitment” is a behavioural problem that all investors should learn about (Joe Wiggins)

Five lifelong principles for thinking about investing (Carolyn Gowen) 



Learning to accept the slowness of financial progress is key to sticking with it (Trent Hamm) 

Three steps to kicking bad money habits (Jonathan Clements) 

Financial education training for teachers can protect young people from fraud (Rachel Lacey) 

A few tips for enjoying Christmas on a budget (Iona Bain) 

Giving at Christmas is about far more than money (Doug Boneparth) 



A closer look at Dimensional’s fund performance (Mark Hebner and Murray Coleman)

How will machine learning change the face of fund management? (Robert C. Pozen and Jonathan Ruane) 

Vanguard reveals details on its eagerly-awaited personal pension in the UK (Monevator) 

What fund managers say — and what they actually mean (Joe Wiggins)



Advisers have a role to play in empowering clients against fraud (Gary Stern)

Communication is the key to retaining clients (Kristine McManus) 

Nine key considerations for retirement-age clients (Gautam Dhingra and Christopher J. Olson)



Content marketing predictions for the new year (Stephanie Stahl) 

The advertising trends that have dominated 2019 (Eliza Williams) 

Seven books that highlight the value of good storytelling (Joe Lazauskas) 

Key dates for your 2020 social media calendar (Gary Ennis) 

What does the future hold for podcast advertising? (Ad Age) 



Ways of celebrating Christmas sustainably (Elizabeth Hotson) 

Can the UK’s biggest power station commit to its plan to go carbon negative? (Ben Chapman) 

Plastic pollution is a global problem that needs to be addressed (Kyla Mandel) 

How climate activism has grown as a political movement (Rebecca Leber) 

A species of flightless bird provides a spark of hope for conservationists (Fiona Harvey) 



If you want to live longer, live around green space (Mark Wilson) 

What meditation can add to your life and work (Matthias Birk)

Speaking a different language can give you a new perspective (Viorica Marian) 


And finally…

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic in the Western world, and Christmas is the time of year when people feel it most. This live report on the BBC yesterday was a real tear-jerker, and a timely reminder that small acts of kindness can make a huge difference:

Lonely at Christmas: Terrence surprised with a tree



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