#SFTW: 1 in 5 millennials will live to 100. Better start saving

Posted by Robin Powell on November 13, 2015

#SFTW: 1 in 5 millennials will live to 100. Better start saving



There was a wake-up call for millennial investors this week with the publication of the latest BlackRock Investor Pulse Survey. Millennials.

Apparently, on average, those aged between 25 and 34 predict they will only live to see their 79th birthday. In fact the average 30-year-old can expect to reach 90 and one in five millennials will live to be 100.

Increased longevity and the challenge it poses for governments and for individual investors is the subject of my latest blog post:

Greater longevity comes at a huge price


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And finally..

Congratulations to Sensible Investing TV, which has just notched up half a million video views:

SITV — half a million YouTube views and counting


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