#SFTW: Shopping lists are fine for groceries, not for stocks

Posted by Robin Powell on October 23, 2015



Jim Cramer has one of the most famous faces on US television. A former hedge fund manager and best-selling author, he’s now a full-time celebrity who imparts his stock-picking expertise to anyone who will listen. And they do. The CNBC presenter is fast approaching a million followers on Twitter — many of them presumably hanging on his every stock tip.

The odd thing about Cramer’s status as America’s most famous stockpicking guru — and there’s no gentle way of saying this — is that he’s frankly not very good at picking stocks. Sure, like most financial pundits he’s had his moments. But when you analyse the risk-adjusted returns of the stocks he’s recommended, they’ve actually been no better than those delivered by the S&P 500 for most of his career.

I say most, because Cramer’s been having a bad run. Nothing strange about that. Media pundits have losing streaks all the time, and in most cases, their employers aren’t too fussed about checking whether their predictions turn out to be accurate or not.

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Robin Powell

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