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Help for individual investorsHelp for individual investors

Help for
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Help for
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Help for
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Help for individual investors

The Evidence-Based Investor, or TEBI for short, is for anyone who wants to learn more about how investing really works.

However much or little you’re looking to invest, you’ll find plenty of information on our website to help you make better-informed decisions.

Please note that we are not financial advisers, and nothing you read on this site should be taken as formal financial advice. However, we strongly believe that there are significant advantages to using an adviser.

If you’re currently looking for an adviser, we recommend that you check their credentials very carefully; it’s vital that whoever you choose to act on your behalf is truly independent and has your very best interests at heart.

TEBI does have an informal network of advisers around the world who share our evidence-based investment philosophy. If you would like to be put in touch with a suitable adviser in your area, drop us a line to tell us, briefly, where you live, what stage of life you’re at, and how much money you’re planning to invest. We’ll use this information to connect you with an adviser who can help you.

We can also be of assistance to UK investors seeking redress for poor advice given to them in the past by banks, insurance companies and large financial advice chains. Since the 1980s, millions of people have been sold investment products they would have been better off avoiding. Investment bonds and whole-of-life insurance policies, for example, were often so expensive that the net returns they delivered were significantly lower than market returns.

We are not lawyers, and we don’t give legal advice. But if you think that you have been adversely affected by these sorts of practices, we would be happy to put you in contact with suitable legal professionals. Simply email us, briefly giving details about the circumstances, and we’ll try to help you.




Help for institutional investors

All investors want peace of mind and the reassurance that they’re doing the right thing. But that’s especially true for institutional investors. Perhaps you’re the director of a charity or foundation, whose future depends on prudent investment. Or maybe you’re the trustee of a public or company pension plan, and your decisions directly impact on the lives of many thousands of people.

Whatever your role in the institutional investment management space may be, you’ll find plenty of information to help you on the TEBI website.

Sadly, as a 2017 report by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK regulator) showed, the institutional asset management sector is riddled with conflicts of interest. Investment consultancy is dominated by a small number of very large firms, and there is often a danger that the advice given better serves the interests of the consultants than those of their clients.

Nor is it just in the UK that institutional investors are being poorly advised. Warren Buffett, for example, has said several times how US endowment funds and public pension funds are persuaded by consultants again and again to pursue expensive and often complex strategies that almost invariably fail to deliver the outperformance they had hoped for.

Please note, we aren’t financial advisers or investment consultants. The purpose of our content is informational and educational, and it should not be seen as formal advice.

However, we do work for a small number of firms around the world that share our evidence-based investment philosophy and that work with institutional investors. If you would like us to put you in touch with one of them in your area, email us with the details and we will try to help you.



Help for advice firms

The Evidence-Based Investor is here to help good advisors reach the investors who need them. We’re on the same side, if you are:

  • independent
  • a fiduciary
  • evidence-based

As you may know, Robin Powell is also the Executive Director of Regis Media, a content marketing agency specifically for financial advisers. If you want to communicate the benefits of evidence-based investing to your clients and prospects, why not subscribe to our video content, presented in your own firm’s branding? As well as a subscription, you can also have your own branded video series, or, best of all, your own custom video to tell your story exactly as you want it.

If you’re a fan of the blog and want to raise awareness of your brand, we also have sponsorship opportunities available for evidence-based firms. Email to express your interest.