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Europe’s low-cost investing revolution is gathering momentum

Posted by Robin Powell on July 12, 2018

We’ve all heard about the huge growth in popularity of low-cost investing in the United States. But how is the passive investing revolution progressing in Europe? That’s one of the questions I put to Adam Laird, Head of ETF Strategy at Lyxor ETF for the the latest TEBI Podcast. Lyxor is based in France but […]

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Pascal’s Triangle: order out of chaos

Posted by helen.brown on July 9, 2018

“Essentially, all models are wrong,” the famous statistician George EP Box once said, “but some are useful.” A good example is the Galton Board, designed by the Victorian genius Sir Francis Galton in the 1870s to illustrate the concept of the normal distribution.   The design consists of a vertical array of pegs, ordered according […]

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On optimism, investing and supporting England

Posted by Robin Powell on July 6, 2018

There aren’t many better examples of optimism bias in action than the football World Cup. It gets me every time. Without fail, every four years, no matter how bad they are, I make a plausible case in my head for England bringing the trophy home. Sure enough, every time I’m as surprised and heartbroken as […]

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Misuse of benchmarks is rife and shouldn’t be tolerated

Posted by Robin Powell on July 4, 2018

Benchmarking is part of modern life. Whether you’re deciding on a school for your child or a hospital for your operation, comparing holiday packages, or checking that you’re not overpaying for gas or car insurance, you need to see how the different options measure up. Asset management should, of course, be no different. Consumers need […]

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