Investment perfection doesn’t exist

Posted by TEBI on July 5, 2024

Investment perfection doesn’t exist



If there’s one personality trait I wish I didn’t have, it’s a tendency towards perfectionism. OK, it comes with a few upsides. Perfectionists have high standards for a start, and this desire for excellence can serve as a powerful motivator. We generally work hard and are usually well-organised; and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

But perfectionism is also a very hard taskmaster. The intense pressure to perform can lead to exhaustion, and even burnout. It can put a strain on relationships. It can make us anxious and stressed, and some perfectionists never feel satisfied.

The ultimate irony, sadly, is that constantly striving for the best means we often end up failing miserably, and this is definitely the case with investing and personal finance.

Here are some of the ways that perfectionism can harm our financial and emotional wellbeing — and some suggestions on what we can do about it.




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