Robin’s Reads, Week 02, 2020

Posted by TEBI on January 11, 2020

Robin’s Reads, Week 02, 2020


Quote of the week

Woodford and partner shared £13.8m in dividends in final year

(Owen Walker) [Paywall]



A six-step guide to reviewing your portfolio (Christine Benz)

What to consider when choosing an index fund (Larry Swedroe)

Reasonable predictions for investing in 2020 (Ben Carlson)

Is the financial media to blame for public scepticism about investing? (Jonathan Shapiro)

Stock market games in schools teach the wrong lessons about investing (Andrew Hallam)

What baking can teach us about evaluating private equity funds (Dr Tommi Johnsen)


Personal finance

How to get the year started on the right financial foot (Trent Hamm)

The beginner’s guide to saving (Hilary Osborne)

A financial to-do list for 2020 (Christine Benz)

Britain needs to become a leader in financial education (Stuart Phillips)

Keeping your finances in check requires more than cutting down on fancy coffee (Rachel Rickard Straus)


The fund industry

The Woodford debacle proves that tighter regulation is required within the fund industry (Ruth Sunderland)

Ten ways in which the wealth management industry probably won’t change in the next ten years (Jonathan Durocher)

Vanguard the latest to offer zero-commission stock trades (Andrew Welsch)


The advice profession

What clients need from financial advisers during hard times (Amy Florian)

Communication can make or break your working relationship with a client (Dan Solin)

How advisers are benefiting from the fintech revolution (Morey Stettner)

Boom! Vanguard enters the UK financial advice market (Imogen Tew)


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Content marketing

Is it time to review your marketing efforts? (Regis Media)

Infographic: Which are the most valuable nation brands? (Nick Routley)

How the younger generation is redefining social media marketing (Lucy Maguire)



Could lab-grown food save the planet? (George Monbiot)

How we can ease climate-related anxiety (Theresa Crimmins)

Advice for using your phone less wastefully (Eve Andrews)

How we can combat the rise of “climate denial” conspiracy theories (Mikael Klintman)



Travel isn’t an instant cure for discontentment (Lawrence Yeo)

Can ‘Dry January’ actually contribute to a healthier lifestyle? (Nina Shapiro)

Healthier living can “add a disease-free decade” to your life expectancy (Olivia Petter)

Running a marathon cuts years off your “vascular age” (Michelle Roberts)



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