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Posted by Robin Powell on September 18, 2015




It was meant to symbolise the renaissance of Birmingham, but less than two years after it opened, our iconic new library is in dire financial straits.

Basically, the City Council is skint. As a result of cutbacks which saw 100 staff made redundant, the library is only open 40 hours a week. It recently announced it would buy no more books and would rely on the public to donate them instead.

What makes this situation all the more galling is that, year after year, the council is shelling out tens of millions of pounds to wealth fund houses in the City of London as its contribution to the running of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Last year, an independent report, commissioned by the Government, highlighted how active management of the LGPS is providing the taxpayer with spectacularly poor value for money and recommended the use of far cheaper, passively managed funds instead. True to form, the powerful active fund lobby is campaigning to keep things exactly as they are; and, worryingly, it’s a similar story all around the world.


You can read my take on it here:

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(Featured image: The Library of Birmingham by benoneill, CC BY-SA 2.0)


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