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Sprechen Sie Fama-French?

Posted by Robin Powell on July 7, 2017

You’d think the Germans would love evidence-based investing. Traditional active investing, even in those rare cases when it actually works, is clunky and hit-and-miss. The evidence-based approach, by contrast is beautifully simple, logical and efficient — a high-performance Mercedes or BMW, if you like, for the price of a second-hand Opel Corsa.

The problem is that, in Germany, the banks still reign supreme. For decades those banks have fobbed consumers off with expensive, endowment-style products, which combine market exposure with insurance but do neither very well.

Thankfully, things are gradually changing, as this article by Chas Boinske from Independence Advisors in Pennsylvania explains.

Chas, a longstanding client of ours at Regis Media is so determined to promote evidence-based investing in Europe’s largest economy that he learned German especially. In his own time, and completely pro bono, he now works with Dimensional Fund Advisors in spreading the word, and in helping advisory firms to move away from a value proposition based on investment products to one based on proper financial planning and the fiduciary principle.

It’s an inspiring story, and if you’d like to help Chas — and us — in securing better outcomes for German investors, do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


Read the article here:

Chas Boinske: The German Connection


Note to German advisers:

Regis Media has produced a range of German-language educational video content that can be tailored to your firm. For more information, visit Regis Media’s German website, or contact our German producer, Christian Waider, on +44 121 285 2585 or at

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