#How2Fund shortlisted for Business Book of the Year

Posted by TEBI on March 2, 2023

#How2Fund shortlisted for Business Book of the Year



When our book How to Fund the Life You Want was published by Bloomsbury, my co-author Jonathan Hollow and I had no great expectations for it. Writing a book, as anyone who’s done it will tell you, is largely a labour of love, and, unless you’re JK Rowling, Jamie Oliver or Morgan Housel, the financial rewards are pretty minimal.

That said, Jonathan and I are delighted with how sales of our book have been going. The reviews have been amazing. And now, I’m pleased to report that #How2Fund (as we call it for short) was last night included on a shortlist of eight for the Business Book Awards for 2023.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us by buying or reviewing the book, or simply by giving us your encouragement.

In short, #How2Fund explains how a combination of low-cost, evidence-based investing and holistic financial planning can be truly life-changing.

Here’s what some leading commentators have been saying about it.


“There’s so much great content in this book — buy it and invest in your future self!”

Claer Barrett, Consumer Editor, Financial Times


‘”Wonderfully researched, jargon-free, thought-provoking, interactive and engages the reader from start to finish.”

Jeff Prestridge, Personal Finance Editor, Mail on Sunday


“If you’re serious about getting things right with your money – and avoiding costly mistakes – then set time aside to work through this excellent book.You will end up better off. No question.”

Paul Lewis, presenter of Money Box, BBC Radio 4


“There are many books about how to get rich fast. Their authors certainly get rich, readers less so. Much more useful and a lot rarer are books that help you to grow your money steadily and avoid losing your savings, and this book achieves this. It is very precious!”

Ludovic Phalippou, Professor of Financial Economics, University of Oxford Saïd Business School


Here are some of the reviews fro #How2Fund on Amazon:


“An incredibly comprehensive guide that will empower people to take charge of managing their financial lives!”


“I found this book so helpful in defining my goals, working through what needs to be understood, gathering all the right info and the workbook was great too. it helped me feel really excited about my future.”


“Finally, a UK focused practical and comprehensive guide to pensions and financial planning. This book is well written, evidence based and straightforward in explaining the complexities of UK pensions market. The workbooks and step-by-step approach are superb. Highly recommend it to all.”


“I’ve read several books on personal finance and investing and this is definitely the best one I’ve read so far. It covers all aspects of money management and financial life planning that I’ll need to review and enhance my financial plan. The accompanying work is an invaluable self reflection tool that effectively guides you through creating your own financial plan.”



How to Fund the life You Want is available to buy on Amazon, on Bookshop.org, and in all good bookshops. There’s an eBook and an audio book version as well.

Please note, although most of it is relevant to an international audience, #How2Fund was specifically written for the UK market. There may be an international, or at least a US, version of it at some stage.




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