Robin’s Reads, Week 11, 2020

Posted by Robin Powell on March 14, 2020

Robin’s Reads, Week 11, 2020




The market swoon

One day, this will be a tiny wiggle on a chart (Monevator)

This could turn out to be an incredible opportunity (Dale Roberts)

I may be wrong, but the end of the world probably isn’t nigh (Lars Kroijer)

It’s easier to panic with your peers than stay the course on an island (Michael Batnick)

Remember, Mr Market always wants to trade (Tim Mullooly)

Some tips for investors on the art of not panicking (Ben Carlson) 



Financial advisers, it’s at times like this when good advice firms really come into their own. Why not ask my colleagues at Regis Media about communicating with clients in volatile markets and find out what we can do to help you?

Communicating with clients when markets are volatile



Human adviser or “robo”: how to find the right option for you (Eric Roberge) 

Fresh evidence that market timing simply doesn’t work (Murray Coleman) 

The more informed investors become, the more they’re turning to indexing (Patrick Cairns)

What drives “the Big Market Delusion”? (Larry Swedroe)


Personal finance

What does the UK’s 2020 Budget mean for your money? (Emma Lunn) @emmalunn

Refunds, losses, insurance: what you need to know about flight cancellations (Miles Brignall) 

How to stay on track after receiving a pay rise (Samantha Lamas & Steve Wendel)

Simple strategies for earning a little extra from home (Trent Hamm)


Financial education

How can parents ensure their kids don’t suffer a financial “failure to launch”? (Richard Eisenberg)

Equip yourself to spot “financial fake news” (Advance Financial Management)

Nominations are open for the UK’s personal finance teacher of the Year (Jemma Jackson)


Content marketing

Google’s insights on viewing habits should shape your video strategy (Think With Google)

Infographic showing different generations’ most loved brands (Katie Jones)

How brands can get social media storytelling right (Gareth Leeding)

What makes a great case study? (Craig Davis)



The Chancellor has missed an opportunity to act on green issues (Fiona Harvey) 

New rules seek to put an end to our “throwaway culture” (Roger Harrabin) 

What does coronavirus mean for “zero-waste” efforts? (L. V. Anderson) @LV_Anderson

Why don’t we respond to climate change as strongly as we have to COVID-19? (Joe Wiggins)



Seven scientifically-backed ways of addressing anxiety over coronavirus (Jelena Kecmanovic) 

A healthy diet’s role in improving your immune system (Brian Kateman) 

How to recover from stress and burnout: a psychologist’s view (Rajvinda Savra) 

An interesting technique for humanising the doctor-patient relationship (Randy Olson)




Robin Powell

Robin is a journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing. He runs Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms with an evidence-based investment philosophy. He also works as a consultant to other disruptive firms in the investing sector.


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