Stock market pundits are for entertainment only

Posted by TEBI on June 7, 2023

Stock market pundits are for entertainment only


Stock market pundits are everywhere! CNBC, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter… wherever you look, there’s someone telling you to buy this or sell the other, or alert you to a pending market crash or else a massive buying opportunity.

But do these people actually add any value? In this, the first in a new series of short videos I’m making for my friends at Timeline, called Investing Room 101, I explain why you should view stock market punditry as nothing more than entertainment. You should certainly think very carefully before acting on any recommendations these pundits make.

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Meanwhile, John Oliver has also been exploring investment pundits on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

You may recall Oliver’s priceless demolition of active fund management a few years back. This time it’s the legendary US stock tipster Jim Cramer who’s caught in in his crosshairs. I think you’ll find this clip hilarious but also rather scary:



As we’ve said before, humour is a great way of helping people understand how the investing industry works. If you know of any other funny videos you think we should share we would love to hear from you!



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