US version of Investing: The Evidence released

Posted by Robin Powell on December 2, 2018

US version of Investing: The Evidence released

We are pleased to announce the release of a US version of our highly acclaimed documentary, Investing: The Evidence.

The film is 45 minutes long and sets out the basic principles of evidence-evidence-based investing. It also explains the importance of investor discipline and the value of using a fiduciary financial adviser.

It was originally produced, by Regis Media, the content marketing consultancy behind TEBI, for the UK-based financial planning firm RockWealth. But now there’s a new version aimed specifically at a US audience.

We are making the documentary available to a strictly limited number of suitable advice firms across the US — both the full-length film and as a series of six shorter, stand-alone videos.

The film will carry the firm’s branding, and we are also offering the option of featuring the firm and its advisers in the documentary.

We do not intend to issue more than six licenses in total, or more than one license per state, so interested parties should avoid delay. We plan to release a Canadian version of the documentary early in 2019. Prices and other details are available from Sam Willet at Regis Media.

Here’s the full documentary, custom-made for Index Fund Advisors in California:



What people are saying about Investing: The Evidence

“On the topic of investing Robin Powell’s new documentary is the best 45 minutes you will ever spend. With the help of clear and compelling experts Robin lays out what everyone interested in the markets must know. It will be required viewing at Vanguard!”

Bill McNabb, former CEO, Vanguard Group


“If you persist in pursuing an active management strategy after viewing this excellent documentary, it must be because you are fine with transferring a significant portion of your wealth to those ‘managing’ your money. I can think of no other reason.”

Dan Solin, investment author & consultant to advice firms


“The financial services industry thrives, in part, on sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt among its clientele. Investing: The Evidence is a welcome antidote because it makes the tenets of evidence-based investing accessible and understandable to anyone willing to listen.”

Tadas Viskanta, Editor, Abnormal Returns investment blog


“Investing: The Evidence is an investor-friendly presentation of the evidence that leads to the ultimate investing strategy. Investors worldwide should own a globally diversified portfolio of index funds that matches their risk capacity and this documentary drives home this point by presenting many experts from the US and the UK.”

Mark Hebner, Founder and CEO of Index Fund Advisors

Robin Powell

Robin is a journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing. He runs Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms with an evidence-based investment philosophy. He also works as a consultant to other disruptive firms in the investing sector.


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