How to Invest, Part 1: Understand risk and return

Posted by TEBI on May 4, 2022

How to Invest, Part 1: Understand risk and return



Robin writes:

People often ask me, how is The Evidence-Based Based Investor funded?

The answer is, it’s partly down to having three strategic partners — S&P Dow Jones Indices, plus Sparrows Capital in London and Biograph Wealth Advisors in Dublin — who kindly help to pay our running expenses.

But our main source of funding comes from producing high-quality video content for evidence-based financial planning and asset management firms.

I’m pleased to unveil our latest video project — a six-part documentary called, simply, How to Invest. It was commissioned by Wealth Matters, a planning firm that serves the Home Counties of England.

The first video explains a fundamental concept that every investor needs to understand — the link between risk and return.

The bad news is that risk is unavoidable; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Of course, it needs to be managed, and you shouldn’t take more risk than you can afford to take, or than you need to take. But you have to accept risk as the price you pay to achieve your investment goals.

Enjoy the video — and please share it if you find it helpful.



How to Invest: Understanding Risk and Return from Wealth Matters on Vimeo.


Thank you to Wealth Matters for commissioning this video series.

Would you like us to produce high-quality for your firm? Or would you be interested in pre-produced videos or articles which explain how investing works and the valuable role that a good financial adviser can play?

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