Robin’s Reads, Week 42, 2019

Posted by Robin Powell on October 19, 2019

Robin’s Reads, Week 42, 2019

Week 42.



This week’s list is dominated by one story — the dramatic fall from grace of the British fund manager Neil Woodford.



The inside story of Woodford’s career — and what working with him was like

(Owen Walker & Peter Smith)


The spectacular demise of the man they called Britain’s Buffett (Kevin Peachey) 

A useful Q&A for investors on what happens next (Rupert Jones) 

Investors are very unhappy — and not just with Woodford himself (Tanya Jefferies) 

Smaller investors are hardest hit while those responsible have profited (Alex Brummer) 

How much of their money could investors lose? Up to 70% (Oliver Haill) 

Regulators need to examine the role of Hargreaves Lansdown (Nils Pratley) 

The Woodford crisis shows there has to be a better way (James McManus) 


And here’s my take on it:

A landmark event in the history of British fund management



A decade after the financial crisis, a series of articles looks at how investing has changed (Monevator) 

Active management vs evidence-based investing is like astrology vs astronomy (Carl Widger) 

When looking for the right investment strategy, context is king (Brendan Mullooly) 

Sitting on the investing sidelines is a lose-lose scenario (Blair duQuesnay) 

How does a CEO’s personality factor affect their company’s share price? (Harvard Business Review) 

How to manage sequence risk in retirement (Larry Swedroe) 



Don’t let your financial wellbeing get muddied by money myths (Jason Butler) 

How British attitudes towards retirement are changing (Rachel Lacey) 

How does becoming a millionaire overnight change your life? (Stephanie Clifford) 



Are the days of “stock market wizards” behind us? (Ben Carlson) 

How has digital disruption changed the landscape of financial services? (Patricio Robles) 



What problems are advisers trying to solve?

(Global Adviser Alpha) 


Transparency needs to be a top priority for the advice profession (Douglas Boneparth) 

Are advisers and clients speaking the same language? (Regis Media) 

Words of wisdom from one of the next generation of advisers (Brett Davidson & Amyr Rocha-Lima) 

A poignant story about the value of financial planning in people’s lives (Alan Smith) 



Content distribution is just as important as content production (Jeff Bullas) 

These two characteristics are key to long-term brand growth (Matt Barker)

How can brands make their online content more accessible to those with disabilities? (Lizzy Hillier) 

Why are the biggest ad agencies struggling to keep up in the current climate? (Dave Reed) 



Renewables are generating more electricity in the UK than fossil fuels for the first time (Phoebe Weston)

Eight ideas for reining in the fossil fuels industry (Guardian) 

Experimental technology could revolutionise how we monitor remote rainforests (BBC News) 

Three climate activists on how they deal with climate anxiety (Claire Elise Thompson) 

Nine out of ten people are exposed to unhealthy levels of pollution (Florina Pirlea & Wendy Ven-dee Huang) 



New research clarifies the importance of a good night’s sleep to neural performance (Emily Willingham) 

Five ways to stop yourself feeling constantly overwhelmed (Rebecca Zucker) 

How physical activity can improve wellbeing in the workplace (Shanara Abdin)



Robin Powell

Robin is a journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing. He runs Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms with an evidence-based investment philosophy. He also works as a consultant to other disruptive firms in the investing sector.


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