Reviewers wanted for my new book

Posted by Robin Powell on September 11, 2021

Reviewers wanted for my new book



Robin writes:

I’ve co-written a book with the highly respected financial blogger and author Ben Carlson about investing. It’s called Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, and it’ll be published by Harriman House on 28th September.

It’s aimed at people in their 20s and 30s who want to learn how to achieve financial independence. It was specifically written for a UK audience.

The problem with most of what young people read about investing is twofold. First, it encourages them to buy expensive products which, in the long run, will almost certainly underperform the market. Secondly, it tempts them to act when the evidence tells us, again and again, that doing something usually makes things worse.

This book has no hidden sales agenda and is based on peer-reviewed academic evidence. It explains, in simple terms, how young investors can save hundreds of thousands of pounds in unnecessary fees and charges over the coming decades, and achieve financial freedom much earlier than they otherwise would.

If you’re a bona fide blogger or journalist and would like to review the book, please get in touch.


Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom is available for pre-order now via the publisher and on Amazon.


What they’re saying about Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom

Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom is an essential read for anyone starting out their investment journey; informative, well-written and easy to understand.” — Life After the Daily Grind

“The long-term, tried-and-tested strategies outlined in Robin and Ben’s book are a must for all investors starting out on their journey to financial freedom. The book closely mirrors my personal journey, starting from working down a coal mine at the age of 16 to retiring a multimillionaire at the age of 50. Financial freedom for most people is not about hitting the jackpot with stocks or crypto. It’s about a sensible long-term approach to investing and financial prudence which will eventually lead to personal financial freedom. Success is virtually guaranteed if you start early enough and follow the suggestions in this book.” — The Obvious Investor



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Robin Powell

Robin is a journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing. He runs Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms with an evidence-based investment philosophy. He also works as a consultant to other disruptive firms in the investing sector.


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